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Please note: Our National events may begin as early as 9 am on the first scheduled day with solos, duets and trios. Dancers that are participating in the All Star program will also need to be at Nationals for an All Star/Parent meeting which will be scheduled on the morning of the first day followed by classes. The World Series of Dance group showdown will take place on the final evening of Nationals until approximately 11:00 p.m. Travel arrangements for departure should not be scheduled until the next morning.

FREE MASTER CLASSES are available to all dancers staying at the host hotel (see information below) and to ALL-STARS and FINAL CUT performers (dancers chosen at a 2015 regional to represent their studio in the opening number of the World Series). All other dancers must pay $95 to participate in the Master Classes throughout the week. This fee does not apply to Virginia Beach Nationals where there is no host hotel. Registration for Master Classes and All-Stars/Final Cut performers will be available beginning in February. The schedule of classes will be based upon the competition schedule. For example, when juniors are competing, there will be teen/senior classes. ALL-STARS may have choreography/classes every day. They are also free to take the Master Classes. Parents and teachers are welcome to watch classes. No cell phones or other distractions.

The Master Class and All-Star Class Schedule, along with the to-the-minute competition schedule, will be posted online at least one week prior to Nationals.
Hotel Information

We hope to see you at one of our 4 National events! The following hotel information should help you have a pleasant stay at our Nationals:

Virginia Beach: Visit www.visitvirginiabeach.com/meetingplanners/hotelsites.aspx for local hotel listings close to the Virginia Beach Convention Center. With hundreds of hotels available either oceanfront or in the newly developed Town Center, you will find a great hotel to fit your needs and budget!

Traverse City: Join us at the beautiful Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City, MI. Call 231-534-6000

Orlando: We will have more information regarding pricing for the fantastic Hyatt Orlando posted soon. In the meantime, visit www.orlando.regency.hyatt.com for more information about the hotel.

Las Vegas: We are excited to offer you exclusive room rates at the Palms.
  • The Palms room rate for Friday and Saturday is $159.00.
  • The Palms room rate for Sunday through the rest of show is $79.00.
  • The Palms daily resort fee is $20.

  • Our easy registration makes entering a breeze. You may simply register online through our online registration system, moving the entries from your regional event to the national event.

  • At Nationals, a soloist may compete up to two solos as long as he or she would have been qualified to perform those solos at a regional event or his or her studios has entered groups in the competition. If time & scheduling permits, we will open the National competition to additional solos, and soloists may compete up to 3 solos, as in regionals.

  • You MUST enter, with payment, by May 15, 2015.
Age Division
  • All dancers will compete as the same age they were at their regional competition, with ages calculated as of January 1, 2015, and all rules in place at the regional competition will apply for the National event..
  • Future Hall of Famer: 8 and under
  • Junior: 9-11
  • Teen: 12-14
  • Senior: 15-18
  • 19+

    *Should your roster of dancers change in any way, you must recalculate the ages based upon the new average age. Please note roster and age changes when you send in your Nationals entries. You do NOT have to pay an additional charge if you change categories.

League Classification
American and National Leagues
  • As you know, studios selected the league placement for their routines prior to their regional event. However, any routine scoring less than 280.5 points at a regional event may move down to National League for Nationals only by contacting the office at registration@halloffamedance.com. This is subject to approval. Please be extra careful with your league placement if you are attending a national event.

All-Star Classes and Choreography
  • All-Stars have the opportunity to take free choreography/master classes in all subjects of dance to prepare for the opening number of our World Series Finals. The World Series Finals will take place on the last evening of each national event.
  • There will be an All-Star meeting for all All-Star dancers and their parents/teachers on the first day of Nationals. The complete, detailed All-Star rehearsal schedule will be posted when the competition schedule is posted, at least one week prior to the Nationals event, but most likely sooner.
  • The costume for the opening number is ANY white top and black bottom. All All-Stars should bring this with them to the national event. Dancers should also bring all of their dance shoes; the All-Star production will include several dance styles. Most dancers will only appear in portions of the dance. Hall of Fame does not guarantee which sections you will dance in.
  • There is no charge for being an All-Star. The master classes/choreography and performance opportunity is free to all Hall of Fame All Stars. All-Stars should be in the master class for the section of the All-Star dance they wish to perform in. Choreography is often taught in the master classes.
  • Make no mistake participating as an All-Star is hard work and time consuming.

Solo and Duet/Trio Showdown
  • The top five scoring solos and the top three scoring duet/trios in all age divisions, in both National and American league, will compete in the Hall of Fame Solo and Duet/Trio Showdown, which will take place on the second or third day of Nationals. The top scoring solos and duet/trios will not necessarily include the top five placements if there are ties along the way.
    1st place Solo 1 290
    2nd Solo 2 289.5
    3rd Solo 3 289
    4th Solo 4 288.5
    4th Solo 5 288.5
    4th Solo 6 288.5
    5th Solo 7 288

    Only Solos 1-6 would be in the solo showdown because they are the five highest scoring routines in the category. The solo and duet/trio showdown is decided by score, not placement. If there is a tie for the 5th highest scoring routine, all routines with that score will be included.

  • There must be at least 5 duet/trios and 10 solos in each category in order to compete in the solo and duet/trio showdown.

  • Duet/Trios must consist of at least one differing dancer in order for two duet/trios from the same studio to be eligible for the showdown.

  • If there are more than 5 American League male soloists in an age category, the top 3 male soloists will compete in a separate Male solo showdown.

  • A cash prize will be paid to the highest scoring solo and duet/trio in each age division and league. A soloist may only perform in one league. The winner of the American League Solo and Duet/Trio Showdown will receive a $150 cash prize. The National League Solo and Future Hall of Famer winner will receive a $100 cash prize.

Production Challenge
  • At Nationals, all productions will compete in the Production Challenge, which will take place on the final day of Nationals after the final large group/line performance that day. The Production Challenge will have a National League and an American League champion, and productions will not be eligible for the World Series of Dance.
  • There must be at least 3 productions in each league (2 studios or more) in order to compete in the Production Challenge. If there are less than 3 productions, the routines will compete with the other lines and be eligible for the World Series of Dance. For example, if there are 8 American League productions and 2 National League productions, the 8 American League productions will compete in the Production Challenge, and the 2 National League productions will compete with the other National League lines.
  • The American League Top Production Challenge winner will receive $500. The National League Top Production Challenge winner will receive $250.

World Series of Dance
  • The top 5 highest scoring small groups and large groups/lines (in other words, small groups compete separately from the large groups and lines that compete together; Productions are not included) in the Future Hall of Famer, Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions, in both the American and National leagues will compete in the World Series of Dance. Qualifying is based upon the scores, not rankings. If there is a tie for the final spot, all dances with the tied score will be included.
  • A studio can only have more than one group in a particular age division and league if the additional group is comprised of completely different dancers. Otherwise, only the highest scoring group from a studio may participate in each league.
  • If a studio ties itself for World Series qualification, the tie will be broken by the judges.
  • Performance order is determined by blind draw.
  • Cash prizes and victory cups will be awarded to the top three placements in each league if there are five or more routines. It is possible that more than five routines may be included if there are ties. Cash prizes and victory cups will be awarded to the top two placements if there are four routines and to the top first place only if there are three or less routines.

World Series of Dance Cash Awards
  • If there are 750 acts or more
    Categories 1st 2nd 3rd
    American League World Series $500 $250 $125
    National League World Series $300 $150 $100
    Future Hall of Famer World Series $300 $150 $100

1st Round Competition Cash Awards
  • If the Nationals event has more than 750 entries, the high score winners in the first round, in both the American and National Leagues and Future Hall of Famer category, will receive $200. If the Nationals event has less than 750 entries, the high score winners in the first round will receive a cash award based on the Regional awards chart.

Performance Times
  • All routines must be prepared to perform 75 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time. The performance order will take precedence over the scheduled time, so please be prepared to perform early. Hall of Fame reserves the right to alter the performance order for the benefit of the show.

Performance Classification
  • If there are less than 10 routines in any category in either league, all routines will compete as American.

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